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WATCH: Kentucky County Clerk Denies Gay Couple Marriage License — For 3rd Time

Rogue county clerk says it's a violation of her "religious freedom."

It seems the last vestiges of anti-marriage equality bigotry are not going out without a fight.

Infamous Rowan County clerk Kim Davis once again refused a marriage licence to couple James Yates and William Smith Jr. Thursday even after a court ruling the previous day requiring her to do so. 

“We should be celebrating right now, enjoying our lives together,” Smith told Kentucky.com. “Instead, we're on nerves, waiting for someone to say we can get a marriage license.”

Kim Davis' attorney said she is appealing the 6th District court's ruling, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. Ms. Davis has previously said she refuses to issue the licences because she is “worried about her own soul.”

Watch the clip below and try to remind yourself this is 2015: 


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