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A Guide on How to Go to the Grand National


Fans from all around the country try to attend Grand National.  Those who can’t sit at home and watch it on TV. One of the great things about this race is just how unpredictable it is. The favourites don’t always win giving people a chance to have bets on some of the outsiders. 
If you’re in the UK in April, you should consider trying to get a ticket and experiencing the electricity along with the 70,000 other fans. I love the Grand National and have been several times throughout my life and believe it’s a great thing to see and experience at least once. 

So, if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, here’s a short guide on how to see it in the UK. 

When and Where is the Grand National? 
The event is from the 6-8th April with the famous race taking part at 5.15 pm on the 8th. The opening day and first races are on the 6th whereas Lady’s Day is on the 7th. Lady’s Day is all about showing off your fashion sense and dressing up.
Aintree Racecourse in Merseyside (near Liverpool) hosts the races. 

Getting Tickets: 
Needless to say, tickets sell out fast. Some tickets are available up to the day itself and you can search for and book them online. A ticket gives you access to the races and entertainment for one day. If you want to attend all three days, you need to get three separate tickets. 

The Grand National is always shown on live TV in pubs around the country. So, if the tickets do sell out fast and you couldn’t grab one, head down for a pint and watch it there. You’ll still get a little taste of the atmosphere. 

Whether you’re attending the event or watching at home, you should take part in the tradition with everyone else by having a small bet. You can find all of the latest odds and tips at William Hill on the link below: 
How to Get to the Grand National: 
The best way is to take the train to Aintree Station. There aren’t any direct trains heading here from other parts of the country so plan your timing to make sure you don’t miss the start. Expect trains to get crowded and some minor delays. 

What to Expect on Race Day:
People will be buzzing and probably drinking quite a lot too. There’s entertainment between races, which gives it a bit of a party atmosphere. You’ll see lots of money changing hands and some people winning and others losing everything. As this is the UK, you should also expect rain at some point in the day and it does get quite muddy. Just prepare for this. 

Concluding Remarks:
The Grand National is loved by almost everyone in the UK and having a small bet is an age old tradition. This is a great way to experience the British culture and way of life. Be sure to check out the race on TV at 5.15 pm on April 8th if you can’t get a ticket. And always drink and gamble responsibly. 

(Photo by vondy via Flickr)

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